Sufism its Essence & the Traits of its People

Mahiyatu al-Tassawuf wa samat ahlahu. In Arabic and parallel English translation.
Sufism (Taṣawwuf), the path of spiritual purification, is the essence of Islam.

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About The Book

Sufism (Taṣawwuf), the path of spiritual purification, is the essence of Islam. Ironically, misunderstandings regarding it remain prevalent. This book’s author, Al-Ḥabīb ‘Umar bin Ḥafīẓ, is a living master of both the inward and outward sciences of Islam. With clarity and authority, he succinctly provides a definitive understanding of Sufism and the ten most important traits of its true people. Any claims that contradict these qualities have no authentic connection to Sufism.

May Allah magnify its benefit for the author, reader, scribe, listener, and the entire Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).


First Trait: Knowledge of the Book & the Sunna

Second Trait: Their Concern with the Attributes and Actions of the Heart

Third Trait: Sincerity

Fourth Trait: Trueness

Fifth Trait: Humility of Heart

Sixth Trait: Recognizing the People of Honor & Eliminating Envy

Seventh Trait: Remembering Allah Abundantly

Eighth Trait: Conveying with Excellence & Eliminating Discourteous Argumentation

Ninth Trait: Responding to Evil with Goodness

Tenth Trait: Love of Allah & Preferring Him Over All Else

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