Imam Al-Tahawi’s Creed of Islam: An Exposition

Publisher: Heritage Press

This concise and lucid work of creed by the polymath and one of the foremost scholars of early Islam.

About The Book

In an age when fundamental beliefs are misunderstood and aberrant opinions are championed as tenets of faith, the only viable solution is to revive our connection with the principles that underpin our core beliefs as adherents of orthodox Islam.

This concise and lucid work of creed by the polymath and one of the foremost scholars of early Islam, Abu Ja’far Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tahawi (d. 321/933), is universally accepted amongst scholarly circles as a foundational text in Islamic belief. Numerous commentaries have been written on it throughout the ages, expositing its meanings and uncovering its subtleties. The present translation includes what is regarded as the most accessible commentary penned, authored by the brilliant scholar, judge and theologian Abu Hafs Siraj al-Din al-Ghaznawi (d. 773/1372).

The vast majority of the four schools [of Sunni jurisprudence] acknowledge the creed of Abu Ja’far al-Tahawi, which has been received by both former and subsequent scholars with acceptance.

—Imam Taj al-Din al-Subki (d. 771/1370)


Transliteration Key
Translator’s Introduction
Imam Abu Ja’far al-Tahawi
Imam Abu Hafs Siraj al-Din Ghaznawi
Author’s Introduction

1. Exposition of the Creed of Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah
2. Divine Unity
3. Allah’s Eternal and Everlasting Names and Attributes
4. Allah’s Preordination
5. Muhammad (S) and His Description
6. The Qur’an: the Eternal Word of Allah
7. The Beatific Vision
8. The Prophet’s Night Journey (S) and Ascension
9. The Prophet’s Basin (S) and Intercession
10. The Covenant Made with Adam (a.s) and His Progeny
11. Divine Decree and Predetermination
12. The Preserved Tablet and the Pen
13. Allah’s Attribute of Creating
14. The Throne and the Footstool
15. The Angels, the Prophets and the Revealed Books
16. Declaring the People of the Qiblah to be Muslims
17. Debating about Allah’s Essence
18. Arguing about the Qur’an
19. The Impermissibility of Accusing a Muslim of Disbelief
20. The Meaning of Faith
21. Faith Neither Increases nor Decreases
22. The Fate of Major Sinners
23. The Status of a Muslim
24. Rebelling Against Muslim Leaders
25. Wiping Over Footwear
26. Hajj and Jihad
27. The Guardian Angels who were Scribes
28. The Grave and its States
29. Resurrection
30. Paradise and Hellfire
31. The Ability that Accompanies Acts
32. Slaves’ Actions
33. Supplication and Alms on Behalf of the Deceased
34. Allah’s Wrath and Pleasure
35. Loving the Companions of the Prophet (S)
36. The Order of the Caliphate
37. The Ten Given the Glad Tidings of Paradise
38. Speaking Well of Scholars
39. The Rank of Sainthood
40. Portents of the Final Hour
41. Diviners and Soothsayers
42. Adhering to the Congregation



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