A Muslim on the Throne of the Holy Roman

A Collection of Essays about a little known Part of European History. Compiled and edited by Salim E. Spohr

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There are justifiable grounds for assuming that the Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen was secretly a Muslim. If this was indeed the case, we would have the very odd situation of a Muslim ruling over the lands of Western Christendom while simultaneously acting as the patron of the Christian faith. This fact holds a dramatic tension which deserves a closer look for it to become entirely comprehensible. Therein lies hidden not only the secret of how Allah’s sun could shine upon the West and yet remain undetected, but holds at the same time the resolution to the much-vaunted contradictions in the man’s personality, which if understood in their proper context and meaning, not only drop all their mystery but begin to make eminent sense. – The series of which this booklet is the first instalment could spark off a global discussion and a new understanding of an important part of European history.

Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Spohr
Pages: 40


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